Via Capri 34 Sandals

IMG_0121Via Capri 34 Sandals

Hello World!  Welcome to Via Capri, 34’s very 1st post!

Via Capri, 34/Francesco Pasta

Via Capri, 34 is the dream of Francesco Pasta.  Francesco Pasta is an artisan of custom handmade sandals from Capri, Italy.  Italian born and raised, he learned his craft in 2001 on the Island of Capri, Italy. This 100 year old tradition on Capri has captured the attention of travelers from around the world. Like sipping chilled limoncello made from the lemons of Capri to swimming in the Blue Grotto, authentic Caprese sandals are a staple when visiting this beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Via Capri, 34 is a symbol of precision and craftsmanship. Francesco works with the finest materials such as genuine Italian leather, snakeskin and Swarovski crystals and precious metals. After taking an accurate measurement of your feet he will begin creating your sandals right before your eyes by using a hammer, nails and other necessary tools. Each pair of sandals are custom handmade to order.


The Via Capri, 34 website has 2 components:

  1. Via Capri, 34 wholesale sandals (handmade in Italy)
  2. Via Capri, 34 retail sandals (custom handmade)

The Via Capri, 34 website was designed with the idea of combining the chic and modern twist of Caprese sandals with the undeniable beauty of the Island of Capri.  We want our customer to indulge in the Capri experience thru pictures, video and text.

Via Capri, 34 Wholesale Sandals

The Via Capri, 34 wholesale sandals were photographed by Jim Imbrogno of Imbrogno Photography.  He captured the exquisite hand craftsmanship in 2 different views.  The Via Capri, 34 wholesale sandals were designed by Francesco Pasta and they’re handmade in Italy.  Each pair come with a certificate of authenticity verifying their genuine Italian soles.  The Via Capri, 34 sandals are available for purchase by store owners and buyers.  To learn more about the price and ordering process, please fill out the “Contact Us About Wholesale” and we will be happy to help!

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Via Capri, 34 Custom Handmade Sandals

Each pair of Via Capri, 34 custom handmade sandals are made to order.  Currently, we are serving the Chicagoland area.  The best ways to locate/purchase a pair of Via Capri, 34 custom handmade sandals:

  1. Subscribe to the Via Capri, 34 website for updates on Chicagoland trunk shows
  2. Follow Via Capri, 34 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +
  3. Host your own Via Capri, 34 custom handmade sandals party at your home or business


Thank You!

Via Capri, 34 would like to send a giant THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the Via Capri, 34 dream come true:

  • Yellow Leaf Marketing team for designing our beautiful website
  • James Imbrogno for having the patience and expertise to take stunning pictures of the Via Capri, 34 sandals
  • Costantino Esposito for allowing us the use of his striking and ethereal pictures of beautiful Capri, Italy